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Personal Training Ayrshire

Personal Training

At Underground Fitness we practice what we preach. Personal Training is not just about having someone with you in the gym, it’s about having someone guide you through your entire journey. We understand the difficulties a lot of people face when trying to achieve their particular fitness goals, be them time, finances or simply lack of motivation.

Personalised to fit around Your Lifestyle and Targeted to Your Goals.

The approach we take is going to help you achieve your goals in a way which is as easy and enjoyable as possible. Your training both in and out of the gym, your diet and nutrition, your lifestyle and all our support will ensure that you will actually achieve your goal.

Personal Training can be provided in either One-to-One, Two-to-One or Small Group Sessions. 

Whether you are looking for a one to one service, train with a friend or in a larger group, Underground Fitness provide services to suit all budgets.

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Ayrshire Lower Back Pain & Postural Correction

Lower Back Pain & Postural Correction

Lower Back Pain is a common problem which is estimated to affect 80% of adults at some time in their lives. Through proper assessment and programming, and by addressing the aspects that contribute to lower back pain, we can help remove or significantly reduce your discomfort.

We will discuss when and how the pain occurs and concentrate on the factors that cause it. Sessions for lower back pain include stretches to improve flexibility, and specific exercises to strengthen weak muscles.

Just because you have back pain does not mean you have to stop exercise. 

There are common misconceptions about back pain. “it’s weak and all you need to do is strengthen it”, and “take time off exercise or activity to rest”. These are often pre-diagnosed responses we hear on a regular basis, when in fact the opposite is true. Doing nothing for your back is the worst treatment.

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Nutrition Plans in Ayrshire

Nutrition Plans

Learn to make Better Food Choices and Eat for Long Term Results.

We teach all our clients how to make better choices and how to eat for long term progress not a quick fix result. If we told you to follow a plan that had a specific end date, then it would imply you would then just revert back to your original eating habits and worse yet your original physique. We teach you how to make your new eating habits a sustainable lifestyle choice and having you not only keep your results, but continue to make progress even after working with us.

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Training Plans in Ayrshire

Training Plans

With our training plans, your workouts will benefit from a new found focus and direction. Plans can be tailored to specific goals and timelines. With the correct structure and intensity you can achieve maximum results.

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